Beautiful presentations & online conferences.

Put your seminars online. Our service-first approach guarantees perfect implementation.

A new way to distribute your conference.

When it comes to seminar recordings and online presentations, enables you to turn your conference into a full e-learning experience.

Refinance with

A new way to market your conference. Use our after-sales payout system to help finance your conference.

Reach out.

Whether you have a simple course or an extensive medical convention: allows more people to attend your conference online.

Your event platform for seminar talks and presentations

Our know-how – for your know how.

Whether you are an event agency, organizer or company planning a congress, seminar or conference: is the online platform for lectures, presentations, workshops as well as accompanying photos, interviews, talks or anything you can think of. We offer complete solutions to transfer your event into a modern digital media library.

We make things simple.

You probably have a lot of things to plan and organize. Good reasons why we want to make this as easy as possible. We start by contacting your technical and service providers to clarify all the necessary details and steps needed for We offer full postproduction services to edit your video, audio and presentations, as well as syncing everything together.

Conserving information and knowledge. preserves knowledge that would otherwise be forgotten, this makes your conference more sustainable. We offer comprehensive ways to retrieve and save information. Participants can search through seminars and take notes that are synced with audio time and slides – acting as a form of informational bookmarks, or playlist if you wish.

Monetization and e-learning.

Sell your courses and seminars with re. events and continue to earn money after your conference. Market with an e-learning platform to people that are unable to attend, but still find your content very valuable.

Why choose

Perfectly structured content for conferences.

Oftentimes, presentation files, photos or video links are shared via email and eventually disappear into the web. Have you ever asked yourself, where was that ppt file again? – or – what was the password for the photo gallery? We combine all your media into one place and eliminate the need to use multiple third parties and services. Keep yourself and your users at ease.

Our unique presentation system.

Almost all seminars and talks are accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Most camera recordings, however, portray the them in an unreadable matter. At, presentation slides are detached from the video and run in parallel, enabling the user to stop at a slide, zoom in, or go back a couple of slides; all without having to interrupt the playback. Presentations can also accompany audio recordings or run solo, perfect for workshops or smaller budgets.

Affordable packages - We believe every conference should have the chance to conserve their knowledge and share it with others, independent of budget size. Look into our pricing page or contact us for more information.

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Reach more online.

Increase your community through online conferencing and strengthen your brand by allowing worldwide users to access your content anytime.

A great place for your content.

Gone are the days where conference media remains dormant on various websites. Our presentation system gives users the much-needed quality to inspire them with your content.

Continued earnings.

Sell access to content, and continue to earn money from your conference. Our marketplace can automatically allocate sales between you, speakers, organizers and sponsors.

More than just Videos.

What about the presentation-slides, audio recordings, workshops and photos? These remain just as important for the attendants.

Individual solutions.

Every event, meeting, congress and seminar is one of a kind. We continue to update our product with new features and possibilities, so please let us know if there are any missing components you may need.

Give your conference a digital upgrade. Enhance your presentations, increase public interest and generate additional income.

Easy to get started. Your congress or event online.

Our service-first approach makes sure everything is taken care of to easily transfer your event online. We handle all the technical challenges, so you don’t have to. The following four steps outline our procedure.


1. Plan

Contact us and introduce your event and to which extent you wish to place it online. We provide comprehensive consulting about what needs to be done, and which service packages best suit your requirements.

2. Upload

Once ready, your files need to be placed on our servers. This can be achieved in various ways and we make sure it is as straightforward as possible.

3. Process

Whether presentations, videos or logos: we take care of implementing everything into your media library. If included in your package, our postproduction team will start cutting and synchronizing your media.

4. Online

Review the results before your conference is published. Once approved, it will be visible online. You can now share access codes, sell your content and integrate iFrames into your website.